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This is a little (A LOT) late, but... [Feb. 2nd, 2004|06:42 pm]
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New LJ: silence_no_more

I SHOULD make my LJ FRIENDS ONLY like some of those snooty biotches Amber is in association with, but then I'd be like them. So fuck no. Ho. LOL. Whatever. Add if you still love me.

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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2004|07:57 pm]
Ventilation system.

prolaxer123: u no wat greg fuclk you

A lot of that in a chatroom with people from CMS...

You know what? Fuck you. No. Do YOU know what? Fuck YOU. Check this.... it's something Jamizzle invited me to.

You have just entered room "Chat 25311633461258998260."
Greg619916: greg hayden
Fcbarreras: this gat little midget
moldy tacos has left the room.
FuBu GrL 2 8 3: roger is so hot rnt u
prolaxer123: uhh ok
prolaxer123: u no wat greg fuclk you
FuBu GrL 2 8 3: i love u
Fcbarreras: whos hate repository
hate repository: your mom
Greg619916: u want to take this out side the chat room
FuBu GrL 2 8 3: branden
prolaxer123: ya
Greg619916: brandon
Fcbarreras: hi branden
prolaxer123: i do
hate repository: hi
FuBu GrL 2 8 3: rogie is so sexy
prolaxer123: who hate respitory
Greg619916: then talk to me out sid3e the chat room
FuBu GrL 2 8 3: branden
prolaxer123: whos hate respitory
Fcbarreras: no ur gay greg
Greg619916: greg does not like him no we dont
prolaxer123: no ur gay cris
FuBu GrL 2 8 3: CRIS = MeEsH129
Fcbarreras: shut up rogie
Greg619916: ya wat rodger said
FuBu GrL 2 8 3: lol

I am just like, SO popular.... and I have such COOL friends....

The mouse is broken. I have to left click everything or use Tab. A LOT. Heh. Lately I've been offline. It's boring online. I've been working on my COMIC (Which hasn't even started yet. Procrastinator-I.)

Greg619916: not mee fuck math fuck that fucking fucker

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DUMB PEOPLE. [Jan. 25th, 2004|10:40 am]
Ventilation system.
hatecoronado: hi, r u talking 2 me?
hate repository: Yeah, I've just been busy all the other times you IMed me.
hate repository: I wasn't at the computer.
hatecoronado: o! ok then!
hatecoronado: i thought u were mad @ me
hate repository: Nope.
hatecoronado: good! i dont want 2 call teddy
hate repository: Then..... don't.
hatecoronado: hes going bowling w/ me & and ALOT o people
hatecoronado: i have 2 remind him 2 come
hate repository: Oh. On base?
hatecoronado: yep
hatecoronado: crap, my comp. is acting funky
hatecoronado: again
hate repository: That sucks.
hate repository: I got a new mouse because I broke my first one.
hatecoronado: cool
hatecoronado: now its working
hatecoronado: of course!
hatecoronado: did u get my IQ email?
hate repository: Was it a forward?
hatecoronado: no
hate repository: Oh. No, I didn't.
hatecoronado: well, its 100! i feel so stupid!
hatecoronado: thats averige
hatecoronado: sp
hate repository: LOL. I know.
hatecoronado: :'(
hate repository: I know it's average.
hate repository: And average is better than low.
hate repository: You know?
hatecoronado: i guess, i was always above agverge though
hatecoronado: i dont mean 2 wine
hate repository: whine*
hate repository: Yeah.
hatecoronado: opps
hate repository: I don't think I'll ever take an IQ test just because I want to.
hatecoronado: lol
hatecoronado: im taking another IQ test! lol
hate repository: lol.
hatecoronado: :-D
hatecoronado: i have 2 prove im NOT averge!
hate repository: Go you.

Instead of "Go you." I was GOING to say "Don't even bother, moron, your IQ won't be much different." but I was feeling nice.
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(no subject) [Jan. 25th, 2004|10:30 am]
Ventilation system.
I tell people I'm friends again.

But I'm not. Muhahahaha.

[silence_no_more, biatch.]
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2004|09:40 pm]
Ventilation system.
What would suck is if Tiffanaynay was friends with Shannon all this time, because I only did this for Tiff.

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Shannon is an idiot. [Jan. 19th, 2004|09:33 pm]
Ventilation system.
hate repository: Yes, I am mad at you.
get the reject: do u not understand?
get the reject: WHY????
hate repository: I understand, and I told you why.
hate repository: Now excuse me while I abuse someone.
get the reject: u didnt tell me why!
get the reject: good lord!
hate repository: But what struck me most about my interviews with the judges and the hopefuls, however, was how optimistic everybody is, from one Idol wannabe dubbed "Scooter Girl," to host Ryan Seacrest.

"People just think this is a gimmick so I can get in," said "Scooter Girl," a NYC woman who showed up for her audition on her Razor scooter, hence the nickname. "But I have the chops to back it up," she said. We'll have to wait and see about that.

hate repository: I did.
get the reject: are u talking about when i talked to u at jammilas?
hate repository: Jamila?
hate repository: Yes.
hate repository: I did.
hate repository: Tell you.
hate repository: Then.
hate repository: Cough.
get the reject: oh
get the reject: u mean the whole tiiff thing?
get the reject: right?
hate repository: That too.
get the reject: or do u mean the whole mike thing?
hate repository: It's not just those.
get the reject: or is it a combination of the 2
hate repository: SHUT UP A MINUTE.
get the reject: the fact that u fing me annoying?
get the reject: go
get the reject: *find
hate repository: NO. The fact that you go and say "Oh, I hate Mike, blah blah blah" and then you go and MAKE OUT with him, and then you say "I didn't want to, he made me."

No one makes you do the stuff you do but you.

THEN you have the NERVE to go and say Tiffany is annoying because she says stuff about Leah then goes and talks trash, when YOU JUST DID THE SAME EXACT THING. And then you say she only likes Spencer because Gena does, and that's wrong. She KIND OF likes him because he is a funny guy and for her, he's fun to be around.

THEN you go and say that I tell her everything and that I never tell you anything, and there is a reason for that.

The reason is she acts like a better friend to me than you.
get the reject: he dint make me
get the reject: i jsut didnt want to
hate repository: Then you shouldn't have done it.
get the reject: well, she told me that she didnt like spencer
get the reject: and wtf are u talking about?
get the reject: she acts like a better friend?
hate repository: Sorry.
hate repository: She IS a better friend.
get the reject: who did u hate over the summmer?
hate repository: Jeff.
get the reject: who did you almost sock?
get the reject: w
get the reject: but i remeber whe you and her were fighting
hate repository: That was in 7th grade, not during the Summer.
get the reject: when you hated eachother
get the reject: and i was ur friend
hate repository: 7TH GRADE.
get the reject: w/e
hate repository: W/E yourself.
get the reject: no fucking orange chicken or reisen is going to help our friendship
hate repository: Duh.
get the reject: so i suggest that we no longer be friends
hate repository: Oh, and congrats on the new computer.
get the reject: but i will not be rude to u
get the reject: u know
hate repository: That's fine.
get the reject: no matter what you say, u really were a good friend
get the reject: bye


[obviously, I don't value friendships.]
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2004|09:21 pm]
Ventilation system.
hate repository: OMG! Did you watch American Idol?
BeanisMyWeanis: i watched anerican idol too!!
BeanisMyWeanis: ::high five::
hate repository: COOLIO! I <3 SCOOTER GIRL! SHE IS TEH SEXEH!!!!
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2004|01:09 pm]
Ventilation system.
Why am I the psycho with the freak friends??
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2004|01:06 pm]
Ventilation system.
KiSsThEbLoNdIe7: well she said she can't go online and she wants me to ask u while i am on the phone w/ her
Inwardparoxysm: No. She can ask herself.
KiSsThEbLoNdIe7: well she is asking u now!!!
KiSsThEbLoNdIe7: she wants to noe if it's cuz of the whole tiffany thing?
Inwardparoxysm: I'll tell her when she asks me. Not through you. Check my stubborness.
KiSsThEbLoNdIe7: she is asking u just through me.... she can't talk to u on the phone or online right now, so she asked me to ask u cuz she wants to noe right now!!!
Inwardparoxysm: I. DON'T. CARE. Either she asks me herself or she gets no answer, and I'm not going to change that.
Inwardparoxysm: Yes, fine.
KiSsThEbLoNdIe7: i don't want to talk to u right now cuz ur being a little punk and it's ruining my day!!!
KiSsThEbLoNdIe7: i'm gonna block u until u stop being mean
Inwardparoxysm: You won't know if I've stop being mean if you block me, moron...

Then she BLOCKED me....
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2004|12:29 pm]
Ventilation system.
I have my reasons for being upset with Shannon.

It all revolves around middle school drama.

And I don't need to tell anyone I don't want to. [Jackie.]
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